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Myths, Truths and Legends

Myths, Truths and Legends

Myths, Truths & Legends

All the pictures, music and documents on my computer slow it down
• Not at all; your computer is slowed down by the number of programs actually running either while you use them or in the background.

Moving all my pictures and music onto a removable disk will speed things up
• Moving all your precious data won’t speed up your computer at all; by moving it you’ll then only have one copy of it and risk losing it altogether. Yes! Have a removable disk but just use it for backup.

Downloading and installing free clean-up software will speed my computer up
• Rarely, but by all means use the free clean-up software but be careful when you install it that it doesn’t invite all its friends and relatives as well. Uninstall it after you have used it.

Password protected wireless networks are safe from hackers
• Absolutely! Open wireless networks allow somebody outside your house to connect to your network and then try and hack your computer. Most new routers are secured automatically.

If you clear the browser history and cookies, you'll gain some speed
• No! Your browser history and cache is a finite size and new stuff comes in at the top and old stuff falls off the bottom. Cookies are little snippets of information about the websites you’ve visited. They are harmless in themselves but could be used by a virus to gain personal information.

Macs Can't Get Viruses
• Generally true. However, you can install unwanted software but it is easily uninstalled again without damage. As Macs are still only about 10% of the market, the virus makers aren’t really interested.

On-line banking is far too risky
• On-line banking is VERY secure. Banks are not stupid and they force you to have multiple levels of security and use one-time code generators to ensure that’s transactions are valid. If you do get defrauded, then the bank will just refund you anyway. Risk Free!

Build a website and my business will increase
• No it won’t! Build a website, throw loads of money at it and over time, you’ll get some reward. Don’t forget that the big widget manufacturers throw lots of money at their websites to get to where they are.

A new computer will speed up my internet connection
• Sadly, not! A new PC will be faster than your older PC because it’s got new tech in it that is faster. However, your internet connection will still run at the same speed. If you can, then sign up for fibre broadband instead.

I hope that this has been of some help but, as always, if you need assistance you know where to come!


Added: 2nd November 2016

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