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Phone line, broadband & internet

Phone line, broadband & internet

Phone line, broadband & internet
So this is how it works! If you live in a big city then you can have separate phone and ultra-fast broadband (FTTP) service delivered to your house (like Virgin Fibre) … as we live in the rural West Country, we can’t so I wont say any more about it!

You get your telephone service down a pair of copper wires from the local exchange and you can decide who provides this (BT, TalkTalk, Sky etc), you pay them line rental and call charges. We also get our broadband down the same pair of copper wires and the service is split (filtered) where it comes in to your property. Again, you can choose your broadband provider.

The time was that we had a choice of BT or BT, but times have moved on and you have a choice of about 20 nowadays, but few of you make best use of that choice. Firstly, if you change your telephone provider you can keep the same number and you no longer have to jump through any hoops to do it … just phone the new provider of your choice and say “give me telephone”, or easier still, just do it on-line. The same is true of broadband services, no magic codes or numbers any more, just ask to be moved.

The best deals are usually to be had when you bundle everything together under one roof when you pay line rental, broadband and calls to the same provider. This is usually for a 12 or 18 month contract period and usually includes an introductory special offer. At the end of your contract if you do nothing then you’ll move on to their standard tariff, just like gas & electricity prices, so its best to shop around.

If, like me, you are a bit of a “rate tart”, then at the end of every contract period I take full advantage of the best introductory offer going at the time and change providers. My number stays the same, and all I have to do is plug in a new router provided free of charge by my new provider. How many times do I go into a clients house and see a 10 year old router providing slow broadband simply because the client is too frightened to change, or still thinks that BT are the only choice.

Finally, even if you’re not going to change providers for whatever reason, call them and ask for a better deal! All of my recent clients who were still on old ADSL (slow) broadband who called to upgrade to FTTC (superfast) broadband, found that their new package was in fact cheaper than the old, and included a new router as well … no-brainer!

As always, if you need help with this or anything else, you know where to come.



Added: 5th July 2018

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