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On-Line Backup

Milborne Port Computers are authorised resellers for LiveDrive on-line backup

Livedrive uses technology that will revolutionise the way you store and access your files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. The vision is simple: don't store files on your PC, store them on your Livedrive instead. Livedrive is your personal storage space on the Internet. It's unlimited, it's secure and it's there forever.

Livedrive was first launched in December 2008, and has grown exponentially since then, becoming one of the worlds leading online storage companies. They now have over 500,000 paying customers around the world, and have won awards such as the Computer Active Best Online Backup Buy It award, and the Web User Gold Award.


Unlimited Online Backup

  • Backup your whole PC or Mac, no matter how many files you've got.
  • Simple & hassle free - Installs in minutes. Automatically backs up your files while you work.
  • View files anywhere - Log in online at any time to view your files and download them.
  • Your files are secure - 100% safe and secure. Files are encrypted and stored multiple times.

£48 (20% Off)

Backup Plus Briefcase

  • Sync your files between your computers as well as backup.
  • Easy to use - Appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. Use it like any other disk drive.
  • Your files on your mobile - Free mobile apps let you watch movies and play music on the move.
  • Share files easily - Share files easily with friends and family. No more emailing large files.

£78 (35% Off)

Pro Suite

  • Backup - Unlimited online backup for five computers.
  • Briefcase - Sync your files between your computers. 5TB cloud storage.
  • FTP and WebDav - Access cloud files from other apps using FTP, SFTP and WebDav.
  • Priority Support - Priority service and support for Pro Suite customers.

£99 (45% Off)

NAS Drive Backup

£50 when added to any of the above.

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