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New Computer System Sales

Whether you're a novice computer user looking for a value on a new laptop, or an experienced user needing to upgrade to a new PC and monitor Milborne Port Computers has the answers to all your computer needs.

We don't really have any particular favourites or ties to brands, but we'll find the right deal for you based on what's the best value today, in a fast moving market place.

New Systems - Desktop PCs
New Systems - Laptops

Our prices include ...

  • Unpack & setup
  • Software loading
  • Windows updates
  • Declutter manufacturer's software

Our home installation package includes ...

  • All the above & 'plug-it-all-in'
  • Data transfer from old system
  • Printer setup
  • Email & address book transfer
  • Network or wireless setup

... you don't get that from PC World!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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